Sweet September

September slowly slips away. This sunny weekend will be the last in September. September holds so much for me; high emotion, anticipation, beginnings, introductions, successes, and mistakes. September also brings so much more- sweet sun, mild weather, new school supplies, the last breath of summer. I love September.
This September has been, by far, the best of my teaching career. The feelings of being a "first year" have slipped away (it only took three years...) and I have enjoyed this feeling of confidence as this year has slowly moved from "just started" to "full swing".
Is it the students or is it me? This year, from day one, has felt calm, organized, and productive. I know it's a little of both, but truly, the students this year, as a whole, make a nice group.
So, for this last September weekend, I will enjoy this feeling. There will be time at the farmers market, time cleaning house, time grading papers, time relaxing on the couch. Through all of this, never far from my mind, are thoughts of my classroom and Monday and lesson plans.

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