One Week

How do we bring all the pieces together? I've been preparing for this year with trainings and readings and thinking about what makes GOOD teaching. I'm full of ideas! Then, suddenly, here I am, the week before school starts, and I'm scrambling to get desks in place and plan for the first day and suddenly I feel all those great pieces slipping away.... seeing the big picture can be tricky when I'm just trying to see my way through the first week.
Class numbers just keep going UP! Last week I checked and I had classes between 29 and 31. Today I looked and I'm at 34 a class! I need to create a whole new seating group SOMEWHERE in my classroom and find more chairs so I have seats for everyone on day one. Yikes! I'm worried I will become a zoo keeper rather than an encourager of higher thinking.

Two more days to prepare and think and plan and get ready... and then, no looking back.


  1. Loving it. You MUST watch Blackboard Jungle. And try to remember which staircase is which :)

  2. One of my friends with 4 young children has an image she uses to stay sane...zen duck. A zen duck stays calm as all the chaos rolls off her back. So remember you're zen duck teacher and you'll be great this year! --Joanne