Back...on track?

Another school year. Another start. And this one, so far, shows signs of being something back to "normal". We have people teaching in positions they are qualified to teach in. We have staff members that want to be a part of the staff. Some of the resentment of the past year seems to be lessening. We are focused now, not on survival, but on student learning and teacher excellence. Yes, things should be getting better.
I find myself back on a team, back in 8th grade math, and back to what I love. So, yes, this feels better, it feels hopeful, and that feels good. Even so, I find myself with a tentative tone. My start feels rocky, I'm already behind in my grand plans for the perfect year. I still see broken pieces around the school- things just a few more staff members could fix. Small holes that can become gaping crevices before a year's end. So, I move forward hopefully, but carefully.