So, when do I know I'm ready?

Friday, Friday, Friday. In theory, on my desk right now, a weeks worth of lesson plans are waiting. Copies and materials for the week are lined up on the counter. I've looked over class lists and learned some of the names. I have back up plans if things run short. My grade book is uploaded into the computer. My systems are all in place and ready to go.

In theory.

Reality: Twenty post-it notes are stuck to my desk with lessons I want to teach and estimated times. Hopefully, all will find their way into a lesson plan book eventually. Copies have been made... but I'm missing some. Materials have not been found. I need to review the first week schedule, because it is different EVERY DAY as we throw the kids back into school. I still haven't labeled homework turn in baskets. I'm still learning the new grade book program. BUT, I feel SO CLOSE to being ready. Tables are in place...class list just keep changing, so I have to stay flexible. I know what I need to teach in the first week... but the first week schedule keeps changing, so I have to stay flexible. My desk is almost clean... but then, if I had it completely clean it would seem weird. So close, but I am a bag of NERVES as I go into this three day weekend. I'll be in the building a time or two before Tuesday gets here.

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