The weeks get long through September and October. There are few breaks and by October the honeymoon period passed long ago and we are truly into The Grind. Days end with me sitting in front of a desk covered with stacks of things I just don't want to deal with.
But then, there are these moments. These sparks that keep me going. Right now I'm well into a unit I particularly like. Square roots, Pythagorean Theorem, distance on a coordinate plan... some really wonderful topics that I've come to love teaching. Not only that, I believe I've become really GOOD at teaching this particular unit. I have a groove, a flow, a method to my madness.
So today, as we are working through problems, kids with mini whiteboards and me running around the room offering help, checking in, and having an all around good time, a student says, "It just really seems like you WANT us to learn."
Yeah. That felt good. Suddenly my tired feet were not so tired. Today, I just felt the good vibe in the room- like the students picked up on my desire for them to learn and love math and that vibe moved through them and radiated back to me.
And that's the spark that will get me through these next few dark and rainy weeks. Because, today it was a spark... but tomorrow... who knows?


  1. Yay! love it. And I know what you mean. I can't beat that :), but
    While we were looking at patterns in math problems/solutions, a student suddenly said, "It's like tricky word strategies, you look for the pattern to help you get the answer." Wow, the first-grader related his learning in reading to the learning in math and got what first grade is all about anyway - patterns! :)
    Way to go Helen!

  2. Aren't those such great moments? That's what keeps me going sometimes, too. Sounds like you're having lots of fun. :)