Plans for the Futur {part 1}

A student approached me with a black spiral notebook today. "This was left by someone." I grabbed it without paying much attention. My priorities lay in getting class started, greeting students as they come in, and just catching my breath between groups. As I headed to my desk to mark attendance in the computer, I glanced down. Etched into the front in ball point pen were the words, "Jennifer and Robins plans 4 the FUTUR" (yes, without an "E")

Further reading led to some of the most hilarious and, in many ways, the most touching student document I've ever had my hands on.

First: the Table of contents. Colored coded. Of course.
Did you see the key at the bottom?

Now. The serious Stuff. Page one. General ideas.

 A little background. A week ago the science teacher took a note between the two girls. Robin was explaining to Jennifer what is great about college and what a "masters degree" is. It's this thing where you can study different topics, like art or computers. And Jennifer should get one. And they should get an apartment together. Etc. Etc. I believe from that note, this journal was born.

And this is just part 1. More to come. And don't you forget to visit YOUR friend's Grandma's every once in a while.


  1. That's freakin' fabulous. I'm glad she planning on a car with an alarm and no motorcycle. But I don't think she should have to worry about taxes just yet.

  2. How cool is this! I would have been grinning from ear to ear. This is so fabulous. Are you going to say anything to them, or just non-chalantly give it back?

    I will try to post pictures of the quilts (yes, plural) my grandma made for me. They are so freaking cute!