This morning at 7:15am I had no idea what I would be teaching that day. Then, after 30 mins of answering emails I still had no idea what I would be teaching. Then, after 30 mins of meetings I still had no idea what I would be teaching. With only a 45 minute plan period I scrapped together a pretty darn good day of teaching. I felt the benefit of being in this business for a few years now. I have a tool box. A list of lessons I can reach into and find something fitting and meaningful.
Still, a hectic day. Last minute copies, quick readjustments. Not really the way I like to do my work. The hard part- I have this VISION of what I want these two weeks before break to me. Stations, activities, review, new material, groups based on interests, groups based on learning levels, groups based on learning pace. Just... when do I bring it together? Hours. Hours to make really quality, meaningful stations. Today I had to bust out of school right after the bell rang so I could make an off-site meeting. Which means I'll be at school at 6:30am tomorrow, trying to write sub plans and get things in order, since I'm out tomorrow for ANOTHER off-site meeting.
At moments like this, time becomes my enemy. So many things to teach and days keep ticking by. So many things to plan and minutes become so precious. But somehow, it will get done. 

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  1. I've had those kinds of days. Thankfully, we have a Literacy program that we have been using for a few years now and it's basically planned out my entire morning every day. Making sub plans is the pits! Have fun at your meeting.