Sub Days

Missing school- NOT WORTH IT. I hate missing school for a sick day. Really for any day. I spend over an hour putting together sub plans, making sure seating charts are in order, and getting my classroom organized and ready. Some sick days make getting it all organized impossible, meaning there is a BIG ol' mess to clean up upon return.

Today though, I'm truly testing my ability to put down work and walk away. I will be out for at least the next three days, due to an injury. I can't get to the building. I can't get everything in order for the teacher coming in. I can't even get a sub I know, because of the last minute nature of this. And for all the smart people I know of with teaching degrees.... there are a lot of freaky subs out there. And in the end, nobody can deal with my kids quite the way I do.When my science or humanities teaching partners miss a day they can email in plans and have some movie sent down from the library. I'm discovering, math doesn't work that way. There is no wonderful movie to take notes on, no easy lesson to leave in case a non-math sub shows. I need to get worksheets printed, I need to guess how long each activity I have planned will take. No "press play" lesson here.

So, I got my plans in for day. Some equations worksheets. But there is still tomorrow. And the next day. And however long it takes to get this all back in order. grrrr. Just wish I was there in the classroom, dealing with all my wonderful 8th grade monsters.

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